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Sexuality and Gender Identity

Pop superstar Billie Eilish recently opened up about her sexuality and gender identity in interviews with Variety and Billboard.

In the Variety interview published Tuesday, the 20-year-old singer discussed being a woman in the music industry, saying “Being a woman is just such a war, forever.” She elaborated that she has faced criticism over her body and clothing choices throughout her career.

Additionally, in an interview with Billboard published Wednesday, Eilish shared that she has felt attracted to women in the past, but has also felt intimidated by their “beauty” and “presence.”

“I never felt like a woman,” Eilish told Billboard. “I don’t identify with a lot of shit that makes you feel like a woman.”

While Eilish did not explicitly label her sexuality, her comments suggest she may not solely be attracted to men. The singer said she has never wanted to “make any sort of statement” about her sexuality and just “want[s] to live [her] life.”

Eilish’s openness about her gender identity and attraction to women comes as she is releasing new music with a more confident, upbeat tone compared to her early work. Her comments have been praised by fans and advocates for breaking down stereotypes and stigmas.

The young pop star remains one of music’s most popular yet enigmatic figures, kept in the spotlight by her breathtaking vocals as well as her blunt thoughts on navigating life in the public eye. Her latest remarks offer rare insight into her sense of self amidst global fame.

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