Can You Use Afterpay at Walmart

Afterpay is a popular “buy now, pay later” service that allows shoppers to split purchases into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. With no credit checks or hidden fees, Afterpay provides a convenient financing option for retail purchases. However, Walmart currently does not accept Afterpay – so what payment alternatives exist for Walmart shoppers?

Does Walmart Accept Afterpay in 2023?

As of 2023, Walmart does not accept Afterpay as a payment method either in-store or online. Based on reports, Walmart stopped accepting Afterpay back in 2021.

The decision not to accept Afterpay was likely a business strategy by Walmart. Large retailers often partner with specific financial services, so Walmart may have exclusive agreements with other companies. There also may be financial or logistical factors that made Afterpay less appealing for a massive chain like Walmart.

So unfortunately, Afterpay cannot be used to finance purchases at Walmart as of 2023. However, Walmart does offer several “buy now, pay later” alternatives for customers seeking payment flexibility.

What Buy Now, Pay Later Services Does Walmart Accept?

Instead of Afterpay, Walmart works with other major buy now, pay later companies to offer installment payment options. Current services available at Walmart include:

  • Affirm – Walmart’s premier buy now, pay later partner. Affirm allows purchases to be paid over 3, 6 or 12 months based on the total amount.
  • PayPal Pay in 4 – Gives the option to pay for Walmart purchases in 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks.
  • Klarna – Allows shoppers to pay for Walmart orders in 4 equal installments every 2 weeks.
  • Quadpay – Now owned by Zip, Quadpay lets customers split Walmart payments into 4 parts over 6 weeks.

So while Afterpay itself is not supported, Walmart does have partnerships with major alternative services. Customers can choose installment plans from Affirm, PayPal, Klarna or Quadpay/Zip when checking out online or in-store.

What Can You Buy at Walmart With Buy Now, Pay Later?

Walmart allows the use of “buy now, pay later” services on a wide variety of eligible purchases, including:

  • Electronics – Smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, etc.
  • Home Appliances – Refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Furniture – Sofas, beds, tables, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Outdoor/Sporting Goods – Bikes, treadmills, grills, camping gear, etc.
  • Kitchenware – Cookware sets, small appliances, dinnerware, etc.
  • Baby Gear – Cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc.
  • Toys and Games – Video game consoles, board games, outdoor playsets, etc.
  • Clothing and Shoes – Apparel, accessories and footwear for all ages.
  • Beauty – Makeup, skincare, hair care products, etc.
  • Automotive – Tires, car accessories, maintenance essentials, etc.
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Musical Instruments
  • Arts and Crafts Supplies
  • Pet Food and Accessories
  • Home Decor – Rugs, bedding, wall art, candles, etc.

Of course, some limitations apply. Buy now, pay later cannot be used for products like alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gift cards or money orders. But it provides flexibility for a wide assortment of Walmart goods.

Which Is Better for Walmart: Afterpay vs. Affirm?

For Walmart purchases specifically, Affirm would likely be the better buy now, pay later choice over Afterpay. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Availability – Affirm is directly integrated as a payment option at Walmart, whereas Afterpay is not.
  • Payments – Affirm offers 3, 6 or 12 month payment plans based on the purchase amount. Afterpay only allows 6 week installments.
  • APRs – Some Affirm plans have 0% APR financing. Afterpay does not charge interest but limits installments to 6 weeks.
  • Credit Checks – Affirm may run a soft credit check but will not affect your credit score. Afterpay does not require credit checks.
  • Late Fees – Affirm charges up to $37 for late payments. Afterpay starts at $10 but can reach 25% of the order value.
  • Returns – Both services allow returns. Refunds cancel remaining installment payments.

For the specific use case of buying at Walmart, Affirm comes out ahead due to its direct integration, longer repayment plans, and 0% interest options in many cases. But for other retailers, Afterpay may be preferable.

How Does Paying with Affirm at Walmart Work?

Using Affirm at Walmart involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Add desired items to your Walmart cart, either online or in-store.
  2. Proceed to checkout and select Affirm as your payment method.
  3. Choose your preferred Affirm repayment schedule – 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your purchase amount.
  4. Provide requested contact and income details to get approved.
  5. Affirm will run a soft credit check that does not impact your credit score.
  6. If approved, complete Walmart checkout with Affirm selected.
  7. You’ll repay Affirm directly each month until your balance is paid off.

It’s a smooth financing experience integrated right in the Walmart checkout process. Affirm clearly displays repayment terms before you complete any purchases.

FAQs About Afterpay and Walmart

Does Target accept Afterpay?

Yes, Target allows Afterpay for online purchases and in the Target app (not in stores). The order total must be between $35-$1,000.

What stores accept Afterpay?

Major retailers accepting Afterpay include Target, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, CVS, Sephora, Express and many more. Afterpay is accepted at over 100,000 online stores.

Does Afterpay affect your credit score?

Afterpay only runs a soft credit check that does not impact your score. However, late Afterpay payments can potentially affect your credit over time.

Does Affirm charge interest?

Some Affirm repayment plans have 0% APR. Other plans have interest ranging from 0-30% APR based on the loan terms and your credit. All interest rates are shown upfront before completing a purchase.

Can you return items bought with Afterpay?

Yes, retailers allow standard returns and refunds on items purchased with Afterpay. Returned items cancel remaining installment payments.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently support Afterpay for financing purchases. However, Walmart does offer “buy now, pay later” installment plans through partnerships with Affirm, PayPal, Klarna and Quadpay. These services allow many purchases to be split into interest-free monthly payments. So while Afterpay itself is not accepted, Walmart still provides flexible payment options that allow customers to buy now and pay later over time.

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