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How to Cancel Your HelloFresh Subscription

HelloFresh is one of the most popular meal kit delivery services, providing convenient pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to your door each week. But there may come a time when you decide to cancel your subscription, whether due to cost, food waste, or simply no longer needing the service.

Canceling your HelloFresh account is quick and straightforward – if done properly and on time. This comprehensive guide will walk through the cancellation process on both desktop and mobile, explain the ideal timing, and answer frequently asked questions about ending your HelloFresh subscription.

When to Cancel to Avoid Charges

Before diving into the actual cancellation steps, it’s crucial to understand HelloFresh’s billing and cutoff policies. This will ensure you cancel at the right time to avoid being charged for any additional boxes.

HelloFresh bills on a weekly basis, always charging 5 days before your next scheduled delivery.

So for example:

  • If your next box ships on Monday, you’ll be billed the Tuesday of the prior week
  • If your delivery is Friday, you’ll be charged the previous Sunday

This key deadline is when your cancellation must be completed to avoid further charges. Cancel at least 5 days before your upcoming delivery, before you are billed, and you can immediately stop payments to HelloFresh.

Miss this deadline and you’ll be charged for the next week’s box, even if you cancel later that same week. Timing is everything with HelloFresh cancellations.

Check your account for your exact billing date and plan accordingly. Meeting this cutoff is crucial to not paying for any extra food deliveries after deciding to end your subscription.

How to Cancel HelloFresh on Desktop

If you signed up for HelloFresh on their website, then desktop is the easiest way to also cancel your subscription. Here are the steps to cancel your HelloFresh account via the web:

  1. Visit and log into your account
  2. In the upper right, click your Profile icon
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click into the “Plan Settings” tab
  5. Under Status, click “Cancel Plan”
  6. On the confirmation popup, click “Cancel Anyway”
  7. Select a reason for canceling and click Continue
  8. Click “Cancel Anyway” on the final confirmation

And that’s it! Your HelloFresh account will be immediately canceled and scheduled deliveries ended.

Be sure to complete these desktop cancellation steps at least 5 days before your next delivery date to avoid being billed. Act quickly once deciding to cancel to meet the cutoff deadline.

How to Cancel HelloFresh on iPhone/Android

Prefer to manage your HelloFresh account on the go? No problem – you can easily cancel via the HelloFresh mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Just follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription on mobile:

  1. Open the HelloFresh app and log in
  2. Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right
  3. Tap Account Settings
  4. Select “Plan Settings”
  5. Tap “Cancel Plan” underneath Status
  6. Tap “Cancel Anyway” on the popup
  7. Pick a reason and tap Continue
  8. Final confirmation – tap “Cancel Anyway”

You’ll get email confirmation once your HelloFresh account is canceled through the mobile app.

Again, be aware of the 5 day billing deadline and cancel ahead of your next delivery to avoid charges. The mobile cancellation process is quick and easy.

Can I Reactivate My HelloFresh Account?

Yes, absolutely! After canceling HelloFresh, you can restart your subscription at any time by simply logging back into your account and restarting your plan.

Your profile and delivery details will be saved for easy reactivation. Just sign back up whenever you want HelloFresh deliveries again.

Some things to note about reactivating:

  • If you reactivate within 60 days, your favorites and preferences will be restored
  • After 60+ days, you’ll start fresh with none of your previous data
  • You may not get the exact same plan pricing or offerings when re-subscribing

So in summary, canceling HelloFresh is entirely reversible – just log back in and restart whenever you want to resume your subscription. Just keep in mind your data only persists for the first 60 days after canceling.

What Happens After Canceling HelloFresh?

Once you complete the cancellation process, here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Billing stops – You will not be charged any additional weekly fees after canceling.
  • Deliveries end – Your account is deactivated, so no more food boxes will arrive.
  • Limited account access – You can still log into your account, but won’t be able to order deliveries.
  • Data deleted after 60 days – Account details like favorites and delivery history will be erased about 60 days post-cancellation.
  • Can restart anytime – Your account remains open so you can easily restart your subscription if desired.

So in summary, your payments and deliveries cease, account access is limited, and your data hangs around for a couple months before being deleted. Reactivation is always an option.

Common HelloFresh Cancellation Questions

Can I get a refund if I cancel mid-period?

Unfortunately HelloFresh does not offer prorated refunds if you cancel mid-subscription period. You’ll forfeit any remaining weeks that were already paid for.

When does my subscription actually end after I cancel?

Your subscription ends immediately after you complete the HelloFresh cancellation steps. You will not receive any additional deliveries beyond your next upcoming box.

Do I need to call to cancel HelloFresh?

No, you do not need to call HelloFresh to cancel. The entire process can be completed online through your account dashboard or the mobile app. No need to talk to customer service.

Can I cancel by just stopping my payments?

You should formally cancel your account through HelloFresh, not just stop payments through your bank. Failure to properly cancel may send your account to collections.

Can I pause my account instead of fully canceling?

Yes, you can temporarily pause your HelloFresh deliveries instead of permanently canceling if you want flexibility. Just skip weeks as needed while keeping your plan open.

Will my food preferences and favorites be saved if I restart later?

Food profiles and favorites will be retained for 60 days after cancellation. If you restart your HelloFresh account within 60 days, all your data will still be there.

Does HelloFresh make it difficult to cancel my subscription?

HelloFresh does not make it overly difficult to cancel your account. The cancellation process online or through their app is direct and straightforward. There may be some confirmation steps, but cancellation is not a hassle.

Canceling HelloFresh After a Death

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult. While canceling their subscriptions is usually low priority during such a hard time, here are tips for handling a HelloFresh account after someone passes away:

  • If possible, cancel online through their account dashboard that you can hopefully access. This is quickest.
  • Alternatively, email HelloFresh support with the name, email, and cancellation request. Provide your relation to speed processing.
  • You can also call HelloFresh support and explain the situation to request closure of the deceased’s account.

Taking the time to close accounts like HelloFresh helps avoid wasted food deliveries and unnecessary charges. Handling such financial details allows loved ones to focus on healing.

Cancelling an Underage Child’s HelloFresh Subscription

If an underage child opened a HelloFresh account without parental permission or supervision, here are some tips for cancelling it:

  • Have the child log into their account and complete the standard cancellation steps outlined above
  • If you have the child’s login info, cancel the subscription yourself through their account dashboard
  • Call HelloFresh support, explain you are the parent, and request the unauthorized child account be cancelled
  • Dispute the charges with your credit card company and note the subscriptions is unwanted

Taking these steps can help protect the child from unwanted charges while also providing a teaching moment on being careful with subscriptions.

Is HelloFresh Worth Keeping?

Before pulling the plug on HelloFresh, consider what value the meal kit service is really providing, and whether the convenience is worth the cost for your lifestyle.

Some benefits that may make keeping your subscription worthwhile:

  • Time savings from meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Discovering and learning new recipes you wouldn’t normally try
  • Trying new ingredients outside your comfort zone
  • Consistent healthy meals with proper portions
  • Less food waste from prep leftovers and spoilage
  • Easy dinners when you have limited energy or motivation to cook

If you continue to enjoy these aspects of HelloFresh, it may be worth sticking with it. But if the cons now outweigh the pros for you, then canceling is likely the best path forward.

HelloFresh Cancellation: The Bottom Line

Ending your HelloFresh subscription is quick and hassle-free if using their online account dashboard or mobile app. Just be aware of the 5 day billing deadline before your next delivery, and cancel ahead of this date to avoid unwanted charges.

Take a minute to reconsider the value HelloFresh provides and whether it still fits your needs before making the decision final. But if ready to cancel, follow the outlined steps to smoothly shut down your HelloFresh account.

With this guide, you can now easily manage your HelloFresh subscription and make timely cancellations when ready to move on. No more meal kits piling up if your needs change down the road.

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