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How to Delete Your TCGplayer Account

Trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon have exploded in popularity in recent years. As more people get into collecting and playing these trading card games competitively, online marketplaces like TCGplayer have become go-to platforms for buying, selling, and managing card collections.

With over 300,000 sellers listing cards on TCGplayer, it has become the largest online marketplace for trading cards. But what if you want to take a break from the platform or stop selling cards altogether? TCGplayer makes it easy to delete or deactivate your account if needed.

In this guide, we’ll explain the steps to fully delete your TCGplayer user account as well as how to temporarily deactivate an account.

How to Permanently Delete Your TCGplayer Account

If you are sure you want to permanently delete your TCGplayer user account and all associated data, follow these steps:

Contact TCGplayer Support

The first step is to contact TCGplayer’s customer support team. Account deletion is not an automated process and must be requested through their support channels.

You can submit a request by:

  • Emailing
  • Live chat through their online help center

When reaching out, specify that you want to fully delete your TCGplayer user account. Provide your name, email, and any other identifying details to help them locate your account.

Confirm Account Deletion

After contacting support, a representative will reach out to verify your request to delete your account. This is to prevent unauthorized or accidental account deletion.

Be prepared to confirm your identity by providing information like your date of birth, address, or full credit card number.

Wait for Account Removal

Once your request is authorized and verified, TCGplayer will schedule your account to be deleted. This is not an instant process—it takes some time to fully scrub and remove all of your personal data from their systems.

Expect it to take approximately 2-3 weeks after verification for your account to be wiped from their databases. During this time, you won’t be able to access the account.

Effects of Account Deletion

Once deleted, your TCGplayer account is permanently gone along with all associated data:

  • Purchase history and invoices
  • Seller profile and inventory
  • Saved payment methods
  • Reviews and order history
  • Collection tracker and wishlists
  • Message history and contacts

The process is designed to be irreversible, so be certain before proceeding. If you simply want to take a break, deactivating is a better temporary solution.

How to Deactivate Your TCGplayer Account

If you don’t want to permanently delete your TCGplayer account but need a break from buying and selling, you can easily deactivate your account instead through these steps:

Go to Account Settings

Log into your TCGplayer account and go to the Account Settings section. On desktop, click your username in the top right and select “Account Settings”. On mobile, tap the hamburger menu icon ≡ and tap “Account”.

Locate User Management

In Account Settings, navigate to “Site Preferences” and find the “User Management” section. This allows you to view and manage all users under your account.

Change the Active User

Under User Management, find your account name in the list of Active Users. Click the “Change” button next to your name.

Confirm Deactivation

A popup will appear asking you to confirm deactivation of your account. Click “Deactivate” to proceed.

This will instantly deactivate your account and immediately log you out of TCGplayer.

Effects of Deactivation

When your TCGplayer account is deactivated:

  • You are logged out and cannot log back in
  • Your seller account and inventory is hidden
  • You cannot make purchases or sell cards
  • Your profile, settings, and data remain intact

Deactivation instantly revokes access without deleting anything. Your account is moved to the bottom of the Inactive Users list for later reactivation.

How to Reactivate Your TCGplayer Account

If you change your mind after deactivating your account, reactivating is quick and easy:

Go to Account Settings Again

Log in to your TCGplayer account with your existing credentials and navigate back to the User Management page under Account Settings.

Locate Inactive User

Scroll down to the Inactive Users section and find your deactivated account name in the list.

Click Change to Reactivate

Select the “Change” button next to your inactive account name.

Confirm Reactivation

A popup will confirm that you want to reactivate your account. Click “Reactivate” to proceed.

This will instantly restore your account access with no data lost. You’ll be logged back in and able to buy, sell, and manage your collection again.

Effects of Reactivation

When you reactivate your deactivated TCGplayer account:

  • Your login access is restored
  • Seller account and inventory become visible again
  • You can make purchases and list cards for sale
  • Settings, data, and profile remain as they were

It is as if you never left! Reactivating seamlessly enables your account again.

Before Deleting Your TCGplayer Account

While TCGplayer makes it easy to deactivate or delete your account when needed, it’s smart to take a few precautions first:

  • Withdraw Funds – If your seller account has a balance, withdraw it to your bank account before deleting. Deletion permanently forfeits any remaining funds.
  • Download Invoices – If you want purchase records for taxes or accounting, download all invoices and order history. These will no longer be accessible after deletion.
  • Save Collections – Use the Collection feature to save lists of your cards before deleting your account. These are lost upon deletion.
  • Update Other Accounts – Change your linked payment methods and shipping addresses on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces if shared with your TCGplayer account.

Taking these steps ensures you don’t lose important financial, purchase, and collection data when deleting your account.

Closing Thoughts

TCGplayer makes it straightforward to delete or deactivate your account right from the website or mobile app settings. Just contact their support team if you want to fully delete, or use the self-service Account Settings to easily deactivate and reactivate as needed.

With millions of buyers and sellers using TCGplayer, it’s common for your needs to change over time. Whether you want to take a break from trading cards or leave the hobby entirely, you’re in control of removing your account. Just be sure to download your important account data first before deletion.

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