How Long is Walmart’s New Employee Orientation?

Walmart’s orientation and onboarding process for new employees typically lasts one to two days. The orientation provides an introduction to the company, training on policies and procedures, and prepares new hires to begin working. While the length may vary by location, most new Walmart employees can expect their orientation to follow a similar agenda over the course of a day or two.

What to Expect at Walmart Orientation

Walmart’s new employee orientation is known as Walmart Academy. It aims to provide all the information and training needed to successfully start working for the company. The main components of orientation include:

Store Tour

One of the first parts of orientation at Walmart is a tour of the store. New hires are taken around the different departments and areas to learn the store layout. This familiarizes employees with where various products are located and how the store is organized. During the tour, new hires will also learn about:

  • Location of exits, fire alarms, extinguishers, and other safety features
  • Staff areas like break rooms, offices, and training rooms
  • Different departments and service areas of the store

Getting an overview of the store early on helps new employees navigate their workplace and know where to find things right off the bat.

Company Information and Policies

A major part of orientation involves learning about Walmart’s history, culture, and procedures. New hires will watch videos and presentations that cover topics like:

  • Walmart’s background, mission, and values
  • Customer service policies and best practices
  • Dress code and appearance guidelines
  • Work schedules, pay cycles, and time-off policies
  • Safety rules and proper workplace conduct
  • Anti-harassment and discrimination policies

Reviewing this information ensures employees understand the business, their responsibilities, and how to comply with company standards. New hires may also complete paperwork related to payroll, tax forms, and benefits enrollment.

Job Training

In addition to company-wide training, each new associate will receive job-specific training related to their department and position. This may include:

  • Standard procedures for tasks like using point-of-sale systems, managing inventory, or cleaning
  • Department-specific policies and guidelines
  • Product information and item locations
  • Introductions to co-workers and supervisors
  • Hands-on practice and shadowing shifts

The hands-on job training aims to prepare new hires to begin working with confidence. The exact training will vary based on each person’s role.

Safety Instruction

Maintaining safety standards is a major priority at Walmart. All new employees receive training on safety policies, procedures, equipment, and compliance:

  • Proper use of box cutters, ladders, machines, and other tools
  • Correct lifting, carrying, and handling techniques
  • Housekeeping and spill clean-up processes
  • Hazard communications and chemical safety
  • Personal protective equipment instructions
  • Accident and injury reporting procedures

This safety focus helps Walmart maintain compliance and prevent workplace injuries.

What to Bring to Orientation

While Walmart provides all the materials and information needed for orientation, new employees should come prepared with:

  • Forms of identification like a driver’s license or passport
  • Bank account information for pay deposits
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks to stay fueled for training
  • Pen and paper for note-taking

Having these items handy makes the paperwork and learning process smoother. Some locations may provide a checklist of recommended items to bring.

Length of Orientation Process

Walmart condenses the orientation and onboarding process into a day or two. The time frame depends partly on the new hire’s work schedule.

One Day Orientation

Many new associates complete their orientation in a single, eight hour day. This involves back-to-back training and tours to cover all the critical information. One-day orientations are common for new hires who will be working full-time or consistent schedules. Completing training in one longer session allows associates to start hands-on work sooner.

Two Day Orientation

For employees with more availability restrictions, the orientation may be split into two separate four-hour sessions. Spreading the agenda over two days can accommodate associates who will work part-time or variable hours. It also allows more time to absorb information between sessions.

Department Specificfollow-up

After the initial company orientation, new hires will receive more departmental training their first weeks on the job. They will learn day-to-day procedures from their supervisor and colleagues through:

  • Department policies and guidelines
  • Shadowing experienced coworkers
  • Hands-on practice and roleplaying
  • Safety drills and equipment practice

This follow-up ensures employees understand their specific duties. The departmental phase may last 1-2 weeks depending on the role.

Pay for Orientation and Training

Walmart pays employees their standard hourly wages for time spent in orientation, onboarding, and training activities. So associates earn income while getting up to speed.

By investing in paid training, Walmart aims to motivate new hires and set them up for success. Associates do not need to worry about missing out on wages as they learn.


Walmart’s detailed but efficient orientation gives new employees the knowledge to start working right. Spanning one to two days, it covers company information, store tours, safety procedures, and job-specific training. While duration varies, most new associates can expect 8-16 hours of onboarding before transitioning into hands-on departmental training. Paid training helps associates feel engaged as they prepare for their new roles. Overall, Walmart Academy sets up new hires for success.

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