What Are SmartStyle Salon Hours at Walmart?

SmartStyle is a chain of affordably priced hair salons located inside many Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. There are nearly 2,000 SmartStyle salon locations currently operating.

SmartStyle was founded in 1996 by the Regis Corporation to provide convenient, family-friendly haircare services to Walmart shoppers. While independently owned and operated, each franchise location adheres to certain brand standards in terms of amenities, pricing, and services offered.

The idea is to provide a consistent, high-quality salon experience right inside shoppers’ neighborhood Walmart. From haircuts to styling to coloring, SmartStyle aims to meet all your haircare and beauty needs in one place.

When Are SmartStyle Salon Hours?

Most SmartStyle salons have opening and closing hours that align closely with the store’s hours of operation. Hours typically are:

  • Monday: 10am – 7pm
  • Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
  • Thursday: 10am – 7pm
  • Friday: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 6pm

However, hours can vary by location. Some salons may open earlier or close later than the above. Most stick to a 10am – 7pm schedule on weekdays but may shorten weekend hours.

It’s always best to check your specific store’s SmartStyle hours online or by calling. Holiday hours may differ as well.

While the Walmart store itself may open earlier than 10am, the salon often doesn’t begin appointments until mid-morning when customer demand increases. They’ll also typically close the salon before the store closes for the night.

SmartStyle Salon Hours by Day

Let’s take a closer look at the typical weekly SmartStyle salon schedule:

Monday Hours

On Mondays, most SmartStyle salons have hours from 10am to 7pm. This enables them to open once mid-morning foot traffic picks up, all the way until early evening.

For customers who work a 9-5 type office schedule, coming to the salon on a Monday morning, afternoon, or early evening provides convenience.

Tuesday Hours

Tuesdays follow the same standard 10am – 7pm hours for SmartStyle salons in Walmart stores across the country.

Getting a haircut or styling on a Tuesday fits nicely into the typical workweek and gives you ample time outside of standard business hours to come in.

Wednesday Hours

Again, Wednesdays adhere to the 10am – 7pm weekday hours. Coming in on a Wednesday allows you to schedule hair services in the middle of your workweek.

Thursday Hours

Thursday SmartStyle salon hours also run from 10am – 7pm. Thursdays are another prime option for office workers and students to come in for beauty services.

Friday Hours

The standard Friday SmartStyle hours you’ll find are 10am until 7pm. It’s a fitting end-of-week option for appointments.

Saturday Hours

On Saturdays, most SmartStyle salons are open from 10am until 7pm. Some locations may shorten weekend hours a bit, such as closing at 6pm.

Saturday is often one of the busier salon days, so be prepared for the possibility of a longer wait as a walk-in. Making an appointment in advance is best for Saturdays.

Sunday Hours

While Sunday hours vary, most SmartStyle salons are open from 10am until 6pm on Sundays. Some may be open a little later until 7pm or 8pm. Others can close as early as 5pm.

Since Sundays tend to be lighter traffic days for salons, some reduce hours. Calling ahead is especially important to confirm Sunday times.

Do SmartStyle Salons Take a Lunch Break?

Many SmartStyle salons close from 1pm to 2pm each weekday to allow stylists to take a short lunch break. This allows them time to recharge since they are typically working on clients for hours on end.

If the salon appears closed during the mid-day, this is likely when they are having lunch. Lunch breaks vary but typically span 1 hour around 1-2pm when client traffic is slower. Not all locations close for lunch, but many do.

Are SmartStyle Salons Open on Holidays?

SmartStyle salon holiday hours vary by location. Many salon franchise owners choose to remain open on holidays, but with abbreviated hours compared to typical days. However, some salons close entirely on major holidays. These are the general holiday schedules:

  • New Year’s Day – Most locations open with reduced hours
  • Easter – Most locations open, some closed
  • Memorial Day – Most locations open
  • July 4th – Most locations open
  • Labor Day – Most locations open
  • Thanksgiving – Most locations closed
  • Christmas Day – Most locations closed

You’ll want to reach out to your specific salon before visiting on a holiday to confirm their hours that day. Limited staffing or low customer demand leads many to shorten hours or close on major holidays. But you can often still get a haircut, style, or other service as long as you plan ahead.

What Services Does SmartStyle Offer?

SmartStyle salons aim to provide total haircare needs for the whole family under one roof. Services include haircuts, styling, coloring, perms, relaxers, conditioning, and waxing. Some locations may offer additional services like hair extensions or makeup as well.

Following is an overview of the most commonly offered services and pricing averages. Keep in mind that prices and availability vary by location. Check with your salon for specifics.

SmartStyle Haircut Services and Pricing

ServicePrice Range
Adult Haircut$13 to $19
Adult Haircut + Style$16 to $22
Kids Haircut$11 to $13
Kids Haircut + Style$14 to $16
Buzz Cut$12
Bang/Beard Trim$5

Haircuts include an initial consultation, shampooing and conditioning, followed by the cut and styling. Kids cuts are generally for ages 10 and under. Styling involves blow-drying and rounding your look.

The above are general ranges, so prices ultimately depend on your salon. Discounts are offered for seniors (65+) and first responders. Kids also get a reduced rate.

SmartStyle Styling Service Pricing

ServicePrice Range
Blow Dry Styling$15 to $19
Formal Styling$27 to $55
Updos$45 to $65
Thermasmooth$20 to $40

Styling uses heat tools like flat irons and curling wands to give you a polished, finished look. Formal styles may include braiding, updos, and more elaborate designs. Again, pricing varies but these offer general ranges.

SmartStyle Coloring Service Pricing

ServicePrice Range
All-Over Color$50 to $55
Full Highlights$55 to $70
Partial Highlights$35 to $45
Balayage Highlights$50 to $150+
Ombre$50 to $150+
Color Melt$45 to $150+
Root Touch-Up$35 to $55
Toner$15 to $35

Color services range from full color to highlight techniques like balayage or ombre. Toner helps keep blonde and gray hair vibrant. All services include a shampoo, condition, and blow dry. Additional charges may apply for extra long or thick hair.

SmartStyle Perms and Relaxers Pricing

ServicePrice Range
Full Perm$45 to $65
Partial Perm$35 to $45
Relaxer Full$45 to $60
Relaxer Touch-Up$35 to $50

Perms create tight curls or waves. They usually last around 3 months. Relaxers straighten naturally curly hair. Prices depend on the length and thickness of your hair.

SmartStyle Conditioning Treatment Prices

ServicePrice Range
Intensive Mask$10 to $25
Split End Treatment$15 to $35
Damage Repair$20 to $40

Nourishing hair masks and treatments revive dry, damaged hair. Prices vary based on the brand and type of mask or treatment used. Your stylist will assess your hair needs.

SmartStyle Waxing Service Prices

ServicePrice Range
Eyebrow$10 to $15
Lip$8 to $12
Chin$10 to $15

Waxing services are perfect for cleaning up brows, upper lip, or chin hair. They may offer waxing other areas as well. Again, prices depend on the specific salon.

These ranges give you a general idea of average pricing at SmartStyle locations. Specific prices will vary so check with your salon directly. Discounts and packages can also help lower the costs.

How Do I Make a SmartStyle Hair Salon Appointment?

Making an appointment ahead of time ensures you get the exact service you want during the most convenient time slot. It also helps the salon manage staff schedules. There are two easy ways to book appointments:

  • Call the Salon Directly – Locate your salon’s phone number via Walmart’s store finder website or by calling the customer service line. Call during business hours and request your preferred date, time, and any stylist preferences.
  • Use the App – Download the free SmartStyle mobile app on your Android or Apple device. Enter your location and select your salon. Browse availability up to 3 days out and select a service and stylist.

You can book appointments up to three days in advance. Same-day appointments may be possible based on availability. Walk-ins are accepted but may involve longer wait times.

Being flexible on stylist and timing increases the chance of booking your preferred date and service. You’ll receive appointment reminders and notifications from the app as well.

Does SmartStyle Accept Walk-ins?

Yes, SmartStyle salons accept walk-in customers at all locations. When you enter, let the front desk know you’d like a walk-in appointment. They will provide an estimated wait time and take down the service you need.

Once your stylist is ready, the front desk will call you back to begin your service. As a walk-in, your wait time can vary greatly depending on availability. Weekends and evenings tend to be busier. Going on slower weekday mornings and being flexible on services can reduce your wait as a walk-in.

Appointments are still highly recommended to avoid long wait times and get your preferred stylist. But walk-ins allow you to take advantage of salon services even if you’re short on time or unable to book ahead. You may just need to wait a while if they are busy.

What Payment Types Are Accepted at SmartStyle?

SmartStyle salons accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Debit Cards
  • SmartStyle Mobile App

Payment may be made upon arrival or at the completion of services. Gratuity for your stylist is not included and is at your discretion.

One payment option they don’t take directly is Walmart gift cards or Walmart credit. Since SmartStyle salons operate as a separate business from the Walmart stores they are located in, Walmart-specific payment types are not accepted.

However, you can use a general credit, debit, or cash gift card when paying for SmartStyle services. Just not one designated specifically for Walmart. Using a standard payment method makes checking out fast and convenient.

SmartStyle App and Online Booking

Along with scheduling appointments, the free SmartStyle salon app provides additional features that can enhance your experience.

You can use the app to:

  • Save preferred locations and stylists
  • View salon service menus and pricing
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Reschedule or cancel appointments
  • Check real-time wait times as a walk-in
  • Access special offers and beauty deals
  • Pay for services directly through the app

For those who prefer booking online, you can also schedule SmartStyle appointments via the salon website. Access the website locator to find your desired location. Select the salon page and click “Book an Appointment”.

You’ll be able to view availability and book your date, time, and service. Whether using the website or app, online booking makes getting an appointment super convenient.

Tipping Your SmartStyle Salon Stylist

Tipping is not required but is customary for satisfactory service at SmartStyle salons. The standard tip amount is 15-20% of the total service cost. You can tip more for exceptional service or if your stylist went above and beyond.

Some tips for tipping SmartStyle stylists:

  • Have cash on hand or add a tip to your card payment
  • For a $40 service, consider a $6-8 tip
  • Long or complex services warrant a higher tip amount
  • Tipping 20%+ for excellent customer service is appreciated
  • Ask for change if paying by cash and uncertain on amount

Showing your appreciation through a generous tip will help ensure you have an amazing experience each visit. Building rapport with your stylist leads to better customer care.

SmartStyle Loyalty Programs and Discounts

Signing up for SmartStyle’s free Inspire Rewards program allows you to earn points with each dollar spent. Points can be redeemed for discounts on future services. Loyalty members also get exclusive discounts and offers.

Additional ways to save money at SmartStyle include:

  • Senior discount – 10% off services for 65+
  • First responder discount – 10% off for active first responders and veterans
  • Kids cuts – Discounted children’s haircut rates
  • Packages and bundles – Styling, color, or waxing packages provide savings
  • Product coupons – Print or app coupons for haircare items
  • Limit services – Only get what you need instead of unnecessary add-ons

Ask your stylist if any current promotions or loyalty programs can help you save on your visit. Maximizing discounts makes the affordable prices even lower.

Can I Book a Children’s Haircut Appointment?

Yes, you can easily book haircut appointments for your children at SmartStyle. The salon services kids ages 10 and under. You’ll just select “Kids Haircut” when making the appointment online or via the app.

Some tips for a successful kid’s salon visit:

  • Book early morning or weekday appointments when salons are quieter
  • Provide snacks and entertainment like tablets to keep them occupied
  • Request a stylist that’s great with children
  • Explain exactly how you want your child’s hair cut
  • Give your child a pep talk beforehand so they know what to expect

While walk-ins are accepted, scheduling an appointment helps ensure your child gets in during a time the salon isn’t too loud or crowded. Let the stylist know of any sensitivities or special needs as well.

SmartStyle Children’s Haircutting Tips

Along with booking appointments, here are some other tips for ensuring your child has a positive experience getting their hair cut at SmartStyle:

  • Come prepared with exact cut and style instructions. Bring reference photos to share with the stylist.
  • Help the stylist understand your child’s sensitivities. Inform them of any special needs or challenges.
  • Consider bringing along headphones or iPad if child gets restless easily. Provide snacks as well.
  • Have the stylist explain what they are doing in a gentle, engaging way to put your child at ease.
  • Give your child a pep talk beforehand on what to expect and praise them afterward
  • Start slow with shorter first visits. Gradually work up to more complex styles as child becomes comfortable.
  • Request stylist who is skilled working with children. Look for kid-friendly reviews.
  • Use loyalty program rewards to book fun experience-based rewards like temporary hair dye.

With the right preparation and communication, SmartStyle can become a fun and engaging salon environment for your little ones.

How to Find SmartStyle Locations Near Me

Now that you know the typical SmartStyle hours and services, how do you locate your neighborhood salon? Walmart makes it easy to find the perfect location that fits your schedule.

Search on

Head to and click the “Find a Store” tab at the top of the homepage. Enter your zip code or city and state. From the map results, click “filter” and check the “Salon Services” box. Stores with SmartStyle will appear.

Use the Walmart Mobile App

Download the Walmart app on your Android or iOS phone. Tap the “Services” button on the bottom and select “Find Stores”. Allow access to location to find nearby stores, or manually type in a zip code. Stores with salons will be indicated.

Call Walmart Customer Service

Dial the 24/7 Walmart customer service line at 1-800-925-6278. Explain you are looking for your nearest Walmart location with a SmartStyle hair salon. They can identify stores near your zip code that have salon services available.

Check Online Business Directories

Search for “SmartStyle salons near me” on Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, and other directories. Results will showcase nearby franchise locations. You can view each salon’s address, hours, and customer reviews.

Once you’ve identified a conveniently located store with a salon, save the address and contact info for easy scheduling. Checking salon availability online then calling to make appointments is best. But you can also walk in during posted hours.

Key Takeaways

  • SmartStyle salon hours typically align with Walmart store hours
  • Most locations are open 10am – 7pm weekdays, 10am – 6pm weekends
  • Many salons close 1-2pm on weekdays for employee lunch breaks
  • Holiday hours may be reduced or closed; check with your specific location
  • Services include haircuts, styling, coloring, perms, relaxers, conditioning treatments, and waxing
  • Prices vary by location but are generally affordable compared to standard salons
  • Discounts are offered for seniors, kids cuts, first responders, and with loyalty programs
  • Book appointments up to 3 days in advance via phone, website, or SmartStyle app
  • Walk-ins are accepted but may involve longer wait times
  • Have payment ready via cash, credit/debit cards, or through the mobile app
  • Tipping your stylist 15-20% is customary for good service
  • Easily search for your nearest SmartStyle salon on or the app

Why Choose SmartStyle at Walmart?

There are many good reasons to choose SmartStyle over other hair salons, including:


With nearly 2,000 locations across North America, there’s likely a SmartStyle salon in a Walmart conveniently close to your home or work. No more driving far or fighting traffic to get your hair done.


Compared to full-service salons, SmartStyle offers budget-friendly pricing on all services. Discounts make the prices even more wallet-friendly.


Online booking and walk-in availability makes it easy to get a last-minute haircut, color, or style. Waiting weeks for appointments isn’t necessary.

Familiar Environment

For many, walking into an expensive uptown salon can feel intimidating. The Walmart setting creates a relaxed, approachable environment.

One-Stop Experience

Get your hair done while shopping for groceries and other everyday needs at Walmart. The convenience can’t be beat!

Trusted Stylists

With thousands of locations, SmartStyle has an enormous team of experienced, talented stylists to serve you.

While prices are low, the quality of service, care, and results do not suffer. SmartStyle aims to provide premium experiences at affordable rates.

The Bottom Line

With convenient locations, extended hours, walk-in availability, and lowered prices – SmartStyle makes salon services work for any budget or schedule. While times vary, most stores are open seven days a week from morning through early evening.

Services run the gamut from haircuts to coloring to styling, meeting all your beauty needs efficiently. Plus, you can book online or via app and earn rewards points towards future discounts. SmartStyle provides a high-quality, affordable salon experience right inside your neighborhood Walmart.

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