What Time Do Walmart Pharmacy Open

Having easy access to prescription medications is essential for health and wellbeing. Walmart pharmacies aim to provide affordable prescriptions and convenient services to customers across the country. However, Walmart pharmacy hours differ from store operating times, so knowing when your local pharmacy is open is key. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Walmart pharmacy hours, services, and how to check if your store pharmacy is open.

Typical Walmart Pharmacy Hours

Most Walmart pharmacies adhere to the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 or 9am to 6-9pm Saturday: 9am to 6pm Sunday: 10am to 6pm

However, hours can vary significantly by location. It’s important to check your specific store’s pharmacy hours.

During the workweek, pharmacies typically close from 1:30-2:00pm if there is only one pharmacist on duty to allow for their lunch break. Weekend and holiday hours may also be reduced. 24 hour Walmart locations still close the pharmacy overnight while the store is open.

Knowing when your neighborhood Walmart pharmacy opens, closes, and takes lunch breaks allows you to plan prescription pickups and refills appropriately.

Walmart Pharmacy Services

Walmart pharmacies provide the following helpful services:

  • Prescription dispensing – Both new prescriptions and refills for maintenance medications can be filled at Walmart pharmacies. Controlled substances have additional regulations.
  • Immunizations – Walmart pharmacists can provide immunizations like flu shots, shingles vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, and more depending on state regulations.
  • Prescription pricing – Rx prices are often low, and club members get further discounts. The $4 generic prescription program offers additional savings.
  • Pet medications – Prescriptions and medications for dogs, cats, and other pets are available.
  • OTC medications – Walmart pharmacies stock over-the-counter drugs, first aid supplies, vitamins, supplements, and more.
  • Mobile app services – Prescriptions can be managed remotely through the Walmart mobile pharmacy app.
  • Specialty services – Some pharmacies offer medication compounding, breastfeeding supplies, travel health services, and health screenings.
  • Coordination with doctors – Pharmacists can communicate with prescribers as needed for prescription clarification, renewals, and managing complex conditions.

Having a clear understanding of the services offered allows you to use the pharmacy efficiently. Be aware that specific services may vary by location.

Why Do Walmart Pharmacy Hours Vary?

There are a few key reasons why pharmacy hours can differ from standard store operating times:

  • State pharmacy regulations – States have laws governing required pharmacist breaks, overnight pharmacy staffing, and hours of operation. Walmart must comply with regulations based on pharmacy location.
  • Staffing availability – Pharmacies must have a pharmacist present, so operating hours depend on pharmacist shifts. Most limit overnight hours with only one pharmacist working.
  • Prescription volume – Hour adjustments allow the pharmacy to meet customer demand. Slow volume overnight enables reduced hours.
  • Store manager discretion – Managers may extend or reduce pharmacy hours based on local store needs and customer patterns.
  • Holidays – Pharmacy hours are often shortened on federal holidays or closed depending on the holiday.

While the above factors lead to variances, the typical hours suit most customers’ needs. Knowing your pharmacy’s specific times is key.

Checking Your Walmart Pharmacy’s Hours With hours varying by location,

How can you find your neighborhood Walmart pharmacy’s operating times?

There are a few easy options:

Walmart Website and Mobile App The best way to check hours for your pharmacy is to use Walmart’s online store locator tool. Visit and enter your ZIP code or city and state in the store finder. Select your local store location from the results. The pharmacy hours will be listed separately under the “Details” or “Store Services” tabs.

You can also use the Walmart mobile app. Enable location services or manually enter your city to view nearby stores. Select your preferred store and scroll down to see pharmacy hours distinct from general store hours.

This is the quickest way to check the latest hours for your specific pharmacy. The website and app show standard hours as well as holiday adjustments.

Call Walmart Customer Service If you prefer to speak to a customer service representative, call the Walmart customer support line at 1-800-925-6278. Explain which store pharmacy you use and ask the agent to provide the current hours.

They have access to hour information for all locations and can look up your store’s specifics. This method works if you need details beyond the standard hours listed online.

Call the Pharmacy Directly To get pharmacy-specific information, call the pharmacy phone number directly. You can find the number on Walmart’s website or app under your store details, or search online business listings.

Speaking to a Walmart pharmacist allows you to verify pharmacy hours for that day. You can also ask questions about prescription availability, pickup times, medication costs, and any other pharmacy needs.

Visit the Pharmacy Counter If your local Walmart is convenient, you can stop by the pharmacy counter inside the store. The current pharmacy hours will be posted for customers to view. This method also allows you to quickly check if the pharmacy is currently open or closed.

Review Local Business Listings

Listings on Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, and other sites may display the standard or updated hours for your area’s Walmart pharmacy. This provides another way to check hours if the primary options are unavailable. However, the website and app provide the most reliable hours.

How to Check If Your Walmart Pharmacy Is Open Now Need to confirm if your Walmart pharmacy is open right now? Here are the fastest ways to check:

  • Search for your Walmart on the website/app and view today’s hours.
  • Call the pharmacy number directly and ask if they are open currently.
  • If nearby, visit the pharmacy counter and check if staff and pharmacists are present.
  • Call the overall Walmart store number and ask if the pharmacy is open now.

You can also use business listings or the customer service line, but the options above provide instant confirmation your pharmacy is either open or closed at the moment. Knowing your regular pharmacy hours makes checking its current status easy.

Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Service

Many Walmart pharmacies now offer a convenient drive-thru service. This allows you to pick up prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other pharmacy items without leaving your vehicle. Typically the drive-thru pharmacy window is located to the side or back of the Walmart building for easy access from the parking lot.

The drive-thru is best for quick prescription pickups when you don’t need to go inside the main store. It operates during the pharmacy’s regular business hours, though hours can vary by location. Some pharmacies may have limited weekend drive-thru availability.

You can refill prescriptions online or via the Walmart mobile app ahead of time and use the drive-thru to quickly pick them up. The pharmacist can also provide counseling through the drive-thru window as needed.

Utilizing the pharmacy drive-thru when available saves time and adds convenience when you have a simple pickup. Just be sure to verify the drive-thru hours for your store’s pharmacy beforehand.

24 Hour Walmart Pharmacy Locations

Some select Walmart pharmacies in 24 hour Supercenter locations do remain open 24 hours a day. However, overnight pharmacy staffing is typically limited with only one pharmacist on duty. 24 hour locations allow access to prescriptions and medications at any time, though specialty services may be limited during overnight hours.

Keep in mind that most 24 hour stores still close the pharmacy from 1:30-2:00pm daily for the pharmacist’s lunch break. The pharmacy will also often operate on reduced holiday hours, even if the store is open.

You can search for 24 hour Walmart pharmacies in your area using the pharmacy locator on Walmart’s website. Filter the results on the map view by selecting “24 hours” to see only all day pharmacies. These locations give you the flexibility to take care of pharmacy needs around the clock.

Is My Walmart Pharmacy Open on Holidays? While Walmart stores themselves tend to remain open on most major US holidays, pharmacy hours are often reduced or closed for certain holidays. Following is an overview of typical pharmacy hours for major holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – Closed or reduced hours
  • Memorial Day – Regular hours
  • Independence Day – Regular hours
  • Labor Day – Regular hours
  • Thanksgiving – Closed
  • Christmas Day – Closed

Hours can vary by location, so check with your specific pharmacy. The website or app will indicate holiday closures or different operating times. Be sure to plan ahead and get prescriptions filled early if needed.

Understanding holiday pharmacy hours at your Walmart prevents you from making a wasted trip on a day they are unexpectedly closed. The pharmacy may also have limitations on certain services on holidays when open.

Why Might My Local Walmart Pharmacy Have Different Hours? While most Walmart pharmacies follow similar hours, the times at your specific store may vary. Here are some reasons why your pharmacy’s hours could differ:

  • State laws regulating pharmacy operation and pharmacist breaks
  • Local population needs and prescription demand
  • Staffing availability in that store’s region
  • Past customer patterns showing peak prescription pickup times
  • Corporate testing of extended or reduced hours
  • Individual manager’s decision on ideal hours for that store
  • Available 24 hour staffing for select overnight pharmacies
  • Neighborhood competitors’ pharmacy hours
  • Whether the pharmacy recently opened or changed hours

The best way to determine why your pharmacy’s hours differ from the typical schedule is to ask the pharmacist or store manager directly. There are often logical reasons for hour variances at a particular location.

How to Plan Prescription Pickups and Refills

Now that you know how to find your Walmart pharmacy’s hours, how can you effectively plan and schedule prescription pickups? Follow these tips:

  • Check the pharmacy hours online or by phone so you can plan visit times.
  • If the pharmacy closes for lunch, avoid that window for pickups or drop offs.
  • Refill prescriptions a few days before they run out so your medication is ready in time.
  • Use the Walmart app to easily request refills once eligible and receive pickup notifications.
  • For 24 hour pharmacies, take advantage of late night or early morning pickup flexibility.
  • Know holiday hours or closures in advance and plan around them.
  • Ask the pharmacist the best day and time to pick up specific medications.
  • Schedule an annual medication review with your pharmacist to stay up to date.
  • Use the drive-thru service when convenient for fast prescription pickups.

Coordinating your prescription needs with your pharmacy’s hours ensures you get your medications when needed. Establish a open communication with your Walmart pharmacist as well.

Saving Money on Prescriptions

One major perk of using Walmart pharmacies is the savings on prescription costs. Here are some tips to save:

  • Enroll in the Walmart Rx membership program for exclusive discounts
  • Use Walmart’s discounted prescription list to reduce costs
  • Ask about the availability of generic versions of brand medications
  • Review your insurance coverage and use in-network pharmacies
  • Compare medication prices online using web tools
  • Take advantage of special coupons and rebates when available
  • Use Walmart’s prescription savings apps and text programs
  • Set up automatic refills and pickups to better manage medication supply
  • Get a 90 day supply of maintenance meds to lower per-pill costs
  • Speak to your doctor about more affordable treatment options

Your Walmart pharmacist has additional guidance on reducing prescription costs. Saving money allows you to stay compliant with your medication regimen.

Walmart Pharmacy Shopping Tips

To make the most of your Walmart pharmacy visits, keep these shopping tips in mind:

  • Arrive early to avoid long wait times for pharmacy service
  • Be prepared with your prescription information and insurance card
  • Know if you need to provide a health exam or other documentation
  • Use the Express Rx kiosks for easy refills
  • Ask your pharmacist questions about new medications
  • Request notification when long-term meds need refills
  • Shop the OTC medicine aisle for household needs
  • Review the generic drug list to save money
  • Download the Walmart pharmacy app for easy refills and tracking
  • Get immunizations, health screenings, and specialty services
  • Check if your prescriptions qualify for 90 day supplies
  • Utilize the pharmacy drive-thru for quick pickups when possible

Maximizing convenience and saving money makes Walmart pharmacies a budget-friendly healthcare option.

Key Takeaways: Walmart Pharmacy Hours and Services

  • Hours vary, so check your specific store’s times online, by phone, or in person
  • Pharmacies are typically open weekdays 8 or 9am – 6 to 9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Many pharmacies close 1:30-2:00pm on weekdays for employee lunch breaks
  • Walmart pharmacists provide prescriptions, immunizations, health services, pet meds, OTC drugs, and more
  • Use the website/app, call customer service, or call the pharmacy to check hours
  • Know holiday closures and reduced hours in advance for proper planning
  • Refill and pick up prescriptions in advance and utilize pharmacy conveniences
  • Saving money, trip planning, and utilizing services makes Walmart pharmacies appealing

The key is to identify your own Walmart pharmacy’s hours and services to optimize your experience. With affordable pricing and a variety of offerings, Walmart pharmacies aim to conveniently meet healthcare needs.


Walmart pharmacy hours provide customers accessible and affordable options for medications, immunizations, screenings, and other services. However, pharmacy times differ by location and days of the week, making it essential to check your own store’s hours.

Walmart provides multiple ways to verify your pharmacy’s hours – online, by phone, or in person. With convenient tools like drive-thru pickup and the Walmart pharmacy app, you can seamlessly manage prescriptions and save money on medications. Just be sure to know holiday closures, lunch breaks, and other service variances that impact pharmacy access.

Coordinating your prescription refills, immunization appointments, and over-the-counter needs with your Walmart pharmacy’s hours will ensure you get the healthcare products and services needed, conveniently and economically. With reduced overnight staffing, be sure daytime or early evening visits fit your pharmacy’s schedule.

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