What Time Does MoneyGram Close at Walmart?

If you need to send money to a friend or loved one, MoneyGram is a convenient option available at many Walmart locations. But what time does this money transfer service stop operating for the day?

MoneyGram Hours at Walmart

Most Walmart stores with MoneyGram provide the service during normal customer service desk hours, which are typically 7am or 8am until between 8pm and 10pm daily.

However, since MoneyGram itself stops offering money transfer services nationally at 9pm Eastern time, Walmart locations must close MoneyGram at 9pm local time at the latest.

So you will not be able to send MoneyGrams after 9pm, even if the customer service desk remains open until 10pm or later. The 9pm stop time is consistent across all Walmart stores.

If your local Walmart closes its customer service desk before 9pm, then MoneyGram would stop when that desk closes for the evening. For example, if customer service shuts down at 8pm, MoneyGram would too.

Confirm Your Store’s Hours

To confirm MoneyGram hours for your specific Walmart location, you can:

  • Call the customer service desk or MoneyGram directly at that store
  • Check the store locator on or
  • Visit the Walmart app and view the hours for your chosen store
  • Stop by the customer service desk for posted hours

While most Walmarts align with the standard 9pm closing time for MoneyGram, some locations may vary, especially during holidays. Calling ahead prevents an unexpected trip.

Sending Money

During MoneyGram operating hours, you can visit Walmart’s customer service desk or MoneyCenter to send money domestically or internationally. You will need:

  • Recipient’s full name, city, and country
  • Amount to send
  • Your ID and payment method

MoneyGram offers competitive exchange rates and allows you to send up to $10,000 per transaction. Transfer fees vary based on location, amount, and other factors. You can estimate costs online by entering details.

The recipient can pick up the cash at thousands of MoneyGram agent locations around the world, usually within minutes. You’ll receive a reference number to share so they can collect the funds.

Alternatives If MoneyGram is Closed

If you need to send money after MoneyGram has stopped for the day, Walmart does offer some alternative options:

  • Walmart MoneyCenter – This self-service kiosk is available whenever the store is open, allowing you to transfer money digitally.
  • Walmart2Walmart – This Walmart-only service lets you transfer money to any other Walmart in the U.S. It is accessible at the MoneyCenter kiosk 24/7.
  • – You can use Walmart’s website to make bank transfers and money orders 24 hours a day.
  • Other Providers – Nearby retailers like grocery stores, pharmacies, and check cashing stores may offer alternate money transfer services with later hours than Walmart.

While the MoneyGram closing time at Walmart is consistently 9pm, knowing other ways to send money can help when time runs short. With plenty of options, you can still securely get money to loved ones, even after hours.

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