Times Wheel is a blog dedicated to providing useful information to help you navigate daily life.

We research and share practical knowledge to help our readers coordinate their busy lives. We keep track of opening and closing times, release dates, schedules, deadlines, and availability and many more so you don’t have to.

Life moves fast these days. Our goal is to provide the timely information you need to master your daily routine. No fluff – just useful time-based advice to simplify your day!

Our Team:

Yam Uparkoti


Timeswheel Blog is led by editor Yam Uparkoti, based in Nepal. After struggling with productivity and time management challenges as a student and in the corporate world, Yam developed systems that dramatically improved his efficiency. Now he is devoted to sharing practical tips and tools with readers to control their time, reduce stress, and accomplish goals.

Yam has bachelor’s and master’s degrees focused on Computer sceinece, marketing, time-management. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). In addition to managing Timeswheel Blog, Yam works full-time Section Officer at Government of Nepal.


Timeswheel Blog is an independent website that relies on advertising and affiliate commissions to create free content for readers. We only recommend products or services that we genuinely trust and believe will provide value based on our experience. Please note that we may earn a small commission from purchases or sign-ups through links on our site. However, this does not impact our recommendations.

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